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Introducing innerG Pathfinder's exclusive service: 
I.C. Emergency Sessions
When life throws unexpected twists and turns your way, Thick is here to help you find a path through uncertainty. In moments of urgency, when you need clarity and insight the most, she understands that waiting simply isn't an option. That's why I.C. Emergency Sessions was designed to provide you with swift access to a gifted practitioner outside of regular schedule.
Within just one hour, via phone or video call, immerse yourself in a sacred space of connection and revelation. With compassion,  she'll tap into the depths of the unseen, offering profound guidance and spiritual support tailored to your unique circumstances.

Securing your I. C. Emergency Session is seamless, yet crucial. Simply request an appointment, and upon approval, embark on a transformative journey towards clarity and peace. Should unforeseen circumstances prevent us from accommodating your request, rest assured, your investment will be promptly refunded.

When life's challenges demand immediate attention, trust an Emergency Session will illuminate your path forward with wisdom and grace. Experience the power of InnerG Pathfinder today.
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