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  • How do I reach someone for help?
    During Normal Business Hours Call: (515) 4 - Auntie Live Chat WhatsApp: (515) 4 - Auntie Email:
  • Do you offer in-person sessions?
    Yes. In person sessions are available for existing investors at the discretion of the practitioner. You may request "in-person" in the noted field during check-out. Your practitioner will follow-up within 15 minutes to approve or decline your in-person request. If approved, you can expect a separate email to confirm your session's location. If your in-person request is not approved, your session will be completed via phone of video call. As there will be no refunds if your practitioner declines an in-person request.
  • Is the session private?
    Absolutely private. Your practitioner is in a private space unable to be seen or heard by others. Your call, video, or in-person session are only conducted in the presence of those the investor deems acceptable.
  • Can I record my session?
    Yes. Choose a service you trust to capture your reading for playback at a later date. Test it to make sure it works before your reading. When possible, your practitioner will make a downloadable copy of your session available after your session ends for a nominal fee. However, we are not responsible for recalling details of your session to help you remember what was said in the moment.
  • How do I book a session or class?
    All sessions are booked online.
  • Do you offer group sessions?
    Group sessions are considered, 3 or more. A group session may be requested via chat or email. Details of pricing and availability will be made available at that time. Unless explicitly organized by the practitioner, group sessions are held in the host's choice of location. The host is responsible for the travel costs and arrangements of the practitioner.
  • How do I reschedule my session?
    You may reschedule any booked appointment via text (515) 4-Auntie or email ( up to 35 minutes before your session. If you are unable to reschedule 35 minutes prior to your session, you lose 50% of your session's value as your booked appointment is held exclusively for you and restricts anyone else from potentially scheduling during that time. Investor members may login to their account to reschedule their appointment at any time.
  • What happens if I miss my session?
    We will attempt contact up to 3 times within the first 10 minutes of your session. If you answer late, your session will be deducted for the call time missed. If there is no answer after the third attempt your session must be rescheduled. This is considered a missed reschedule and you will lose 50% of the value of your session.
  • Can I get a refund for my reading or class?
    No. You must be ready to commit upon payment as there are no refunds unless your practitioner misses your appointment or fails to show up to class. If the practitioner is beyond 10 minutes late for your reading you may cancel it and request a full refund or reshedule it with no penalty to time.
  • How do I cancel my monthly membership plan?
    To cancel a plan through the Members Area: Log in to the site. Click your member profile at the top of the site. Click My Subscriptions in the drop-down menu. Click the More Actions arrow next to your plan. Click Cancel Subscription. Click Yes, Cancel to confirm. If you not have an option to cancel your monthly plan, you have not completed your annual commitment and may incur early termination costs. Call, chat or email to request early cancellation.
  • Can I book one session for two people?
    No. Sessions for one per person. Each person will be required to book a separate session for themselves.
  • Do you offer spellwork?
    No. We do not offer the service of spell work or the like. We are explicitly messengers of Divine knowing.
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